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By darkblade127218
#53473 huge abra lvl 43 but, I think it was a glitch that killed my computer's motherboard. :) :cry: WHY! WHY! WHY!
Roxxai wrote:My first shiny pixelmon was a Shiny Eevee and shiny Charmander and on a Server it was a Shiny mew and Shiny Arbok


Watch the double post please, thank you.
By Vespirs
#59590 Mine was a shiny ekans -.- I was strolling through a swamp biome, to get to a jungle that was in the distance, and I saw a green ekans. I was really disappointed, considering I don't really like the ekans>arbok line, so I didn't end up using it, I just stored it in my PC.
By rchammer
#63492 What's with you guys and Shiny Ekans? My first Shiny Pixelmon was a Voltorb I found playing through Project Johto for the first time. Ran like all hell for it, dug under the forest near Ruins of Alph (damn Pokemon map structures) and finally caught it, only to delete the world save later.

By Lettucecow
#63543 ooooh that must have sucked.
By Blaze150
#63594 My first shiny was a vibrava on Justiscraft
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By LokoDreamz
#63999 My first shiny pixelmon was a eevee <3
By chippy2000
#64115 I keep finding shiny weedles :lol: got about 7 in my PC, chillin'! Can't believe I almost NEVER see a normal one (Bug?). No texture packs, nothing at all used! :|