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By kurtmac
#64994 my first Shiny was a gyarados on a server still have it as my main pokemon :)
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By redrafter
#65021 Trapinch! :D

I went ahead and got the Trapinch (I carry a mass of many kinds of Pokeballs at ALL times), and went home. About three MC days later I found a shiny Eevee. That one I failed to catch. :<

I tend to make new worlds a ton, so I made a new one, and before I even made a house? A shiny Trapinch. Best day ever. <3
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By charmander
#65086 My First Pixelmon that I owned was from being op on JustisCraft.
My Frist Legit Pixelmon, didn't have one but on Windjoe's server I found a shiny geodude, so I ran to heal and buy pokeballs. Then it despawned :/
By fallon3710
#65386 My first shiny was a mew!!!
I was so excited, I caught, and now it is my first pokemon in my party!
Yay mew
By TellYourGirlThx
#65639 My first Shiny Pokemon I had caught was an Ekans, and when I caught it, I guess there was a glitch with the server or something of this nature, to the point where when I send it out, it doesn't have a neck. There is it's head, a gap of nothing, and then the rest of it's body. :/