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By TinBritches
#8724 My friend Tommy caught a shiny magikarp and asked me what was wrong with it. I was like WOAH! He evolved it into a red gyarados. So cool...

By Lookymon
#10582 My first shiny was a magikarp. I named the tiny lake I found it in "Lake of Rage."
Then I found a second shiny one in a similar lake... That is now "Lake of Rage 2..."
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By KuryoZT
#11216 ^ I know that feel
By karrybird
#13408 i found a shiny vulpix 5 minutes after starting my first pixelmon world.
a shiny pidgey the second i entered a superflat world.
and i when i was trying to get my cranidos from a fossil, it was shiny inside the machine. but when i took it out, it wasn't shiny anymore :(

you can probably imagine how i felt when i sent him out the first time >:I
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By Kyiv
#13456 Mine was a GOLDen Vulpix. :)
By Yaseen
#13531 Shiny Charizard :D