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By Yaseen
Scraftineer wrote:Mine was a shiny Pidgeotto that I murdered for it's feathers c: <

You monster xD lol
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By lzo314
#14355 Mine was a pidgey on singleplayer and an electrode online
By Bluekat12
#14572 Just got Pixelmon today. I started branch mining for diamonds and I come back to find a shiny Graveler suffocating in one of my halls. I wasn't sure if shinys were in the game but decided not to take any chances. I used creative mode and cheated in an ultra ball and tossed it and caught it xD It's 20+ levels above my poor level 11 charmander xD
By starscream1333
#15396 my first shiny was a shiny doduo on vikes server :D
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By melimelo126
#15697 A Shiny Vulpix for me. Half of my house was builded and it spawned on the top of it. While I was making pokeballs to catch it,vulpix decided to attack me even if there was block between me and vulpix. After 2-3 turns, vulpix ran aways and disappeared. I was kind of sad I didn't catch it. I learned later that I could spawn shiny pokemon. I feel it unfair so I spawned one and catch it. xD
By makenbreak
#16108 My first was shiny ponyta.After I traded for a charmeleon.Later I found a shiny digglet and I found shiny digglet
again.Later I traded my second digglet for a shiny butterfree.After server closed and never opened again.