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By Cribbel
#18827 Hey,

so a friend and I who are playing pixelmon
together have a lot of trouble finding firestone shards.
It is really like there is not a single one in the whole
nether. We literally have mined huge amounts of chunks
and not a single one was found. I dunno but do you maybe
wanna increase the rate of firestone slightly. Or is there
a current bug with firestone shards? Any help would be great,
maybe even some hints could be that we are doing something
wrong. :D

Thanks a lot
Kind Regards
Cribbel :)

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By KuryoZT
#18850 firestone ore are found under lava, apparently, however, how to get it, I still don't know
By hotburn101
#18865 I thought it was in the nether or deep in caves
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By Tom_X
#18880 For what I've been told, no pixelmon things spawn in the nether, so stop looking there, and firestone spawned under lava...
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By KuryoZT
#18902 MrM said it, all pixelmon related anything, will stay in the "normal" world, nothing shoudl be nether or End related