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By johny129
#20366 Hi, i don't know if i should ask that, but, i have a crazy lag riding in my friend's server... Are you thinking trying to decrease the lag when riding pokemon on a server???
Sorry if it isn't a decent question...

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#20408 see, the problem we are having (from my understanding of this so dont quote me) is that mojang coded riding poorly and locked moddders out so you cant tap into it, thus creating a laggy experience, if not correct me because im going off what i have seen in chat, not mr. m
By johny129
#20418 ok, thx, and, are you thinking trying too, to decrease the lag in servers, overall? and i know most of the part is because of the net xD
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By Hiroku
#20618 The issue with riding is that Mojang has locked their code up pretty bad and made it near impossible to access movement controls and stick to not editing base classes (Nearly Mr M's motto). The way MrMasochism has worked around this is, in truth, just a workaround. The way its done means that things get sent to the server and back etc before you actually start moving, making it very laggy. Since Mojang is releasing horses apparently in 1.6, and we're assuming they can be ridden, they should be fixing up the movement code which will allow us to make it goodly.