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By Skald359
#114662 Thank you! These were some questions I had myself. Though, I still have one left.

I'm playing SSP, in a new world. I've been wandering around, but not too extensively, but I haven't found any gyms yet. I've found a few pokemon centers and a village, but my pokemon are hitting their 30s and not listening to me too well any more. Is there a way to get badges, or should I just save myself the pain and creative them in for now?

Thank you!

By salaniojr
#114706 This is something I think it's lacking for people that wants to play SSP.
I couldn't find info that says that is something planned (random gyms).
If not, it could be a side mod.
By Skald359
#114756 I see that MrMasochism posted that adding NPCs and gym leaders was in his to-do list in his stickied 'Pixelmon Goals/Directions' post, but I couldn't tell how current the list was, and it was posted back in April. It was a prioritized list, and 'finish Gen 1' is on there and I know that's done, but I also know that money isn't implemented yet, so I wasn't sure where this was on the dev track.
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By shadoowner
#114758 Gen 1 is finished (in techne models, not fully in .obj yet) and gyms dont randomly spawn so yea, only way to get badges is cheat them in
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By benNmacie
Windjoe wrote:
KuryoZT wrote:I thank you for this, but they will still come, I remember myself having answered at least two of these, more than once, I still hope it will help
Just how it works, some people just want to play dumb and not look around the forum first.

hey iv been looking for a fue weeks now but have yet to find anything so i figured id ask around, so basically iv been building a kanto remake its been about 3 months in progress is coming along, and i have been wondering when you first join a server and the choose your starter gui comes up? well i want to know if there is a way to remove/disable that screen so they bypass it and go into the game and after they complete a certain quest a command will be run to give them there starter is there anyway this is possible?? thanks and sorry if i shouldnt be posting here