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By jsnbrown1989
#22804 I dunno. I use bukkitforge myself and haven't had an issues. It seems like it is unrelated though. Both are forge mods. I just have to ask, did you properly install them?

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By KuryoZT
#22812 I don't know, maybe go to support request for things like that though.
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By jsnbrown1989
#23017 ok. so you have the server on the host. Have you modified the .jar file with forge to begin with? ( ... /Universal ) after you do that, run the server. Then you can just stop it again. You should have two folders in your FTP client now. Mods and Coremods. Bukkitforge just needs to be copied and pasted while still a .jar file into the Coremods folder. Pixelmon goes into the Mods folder as a zip file. After you place both of these, run your server. In theory if you did everything correctly, you should have a working bukkitforge server with pixelmon.

If not, delete pixelmon and run with just bukkitforge. If it works then, readd pixelmon into the mix.
By Xarven
#23647 Hi guys,

i have a similar problem. We setup a server like your instructions, jsnbrown1989. But if i log in and choose a pokemon i get an errormessage "Internal server error" and the connection is closed.

Can it be, that the bukkitforge-build, i use 274, not work with pixelmon?
Would be nice, if you can tell me your bukkitforge-build, and if there is the problem your universal forge-build.

EDIT: OK, after several trys with several builds it works with the latest builds for both. But i dont know why not with my first setup ;)