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By tyson
#25250 Hey guy

i would like to know if there is any Chest\sign shop plugin that works with Pixelmon? i remmber to see it in a server...

if you know i would apreciate :)

Thnx in advace

By tyson
#25493 Anyone?._.
By tyson
#25749 that is a mod :(

i wanted a plugin for the server xD like ChestShop but compatible tih Pixelmon items ID's

thnx anyway
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By KuryoZT
#25755 For something, you might get some luck with some of the servers, I think Alpine might use one, I know Justicraft does not. Send some nice PM and you might get some answers.
Hope you find what you're looking for.
By tyson
#25800 thnx KuryoZT i might do that :)
By tyson
#25928 Sadly no one answers me :( but i will keep on trying !
By tyson
#26040 thats awsome thnx
By sargeantsimon
#26867 If that doesn't work, there's a shopkeepers plugin that I *think* alpine uses based on the video they had posted (It looked like shopkeepers, anyway) but that does mean they have something either way. You might ask them, failing all else.

But here's a link to shopkeepers.