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By tyson
#27005 i will try that thnx :)

still got some hope that a normal shop plugin may come up :)

By jishness
#27546 Most shop plugins (bukkit) require bukkitforge. Bukkitforge doesn't handle a lot of currency-based plugins well. CustomNPCs is a mod that would allow you to make shops not only easily, but they have a great interface for players to deal with. However it only allows for admin shops. You cannot make a player-stocked shop with custom NPCs.

The best way I've found to make player stocked shops is with Forestry's trade stations. The only Forestry for 1.5.1 is beta right now though, and you would have to edit the config files so that the forestry ores don't spawn in your world if you want to make it so players can't craft the other machines.

If you find something better let me know, I'm always looking for a better system myself. =)

Edit: Apparently Sengir made an official release for Forestry last night while I was sleeping.
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By Burgy
#28601 Most plugins that need to use items Meta data from modded items, such as shop plugins don't generally work.
There may be a rare case it does, but for the most part it wont work.