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By Joshuam303
#203798 Hi ! I am part of a anime games clan that's going to be making a pixelmon server for us and I have a couple of questions :P

1) should I use the latest pixelmon or pixelmon reforged? which is better overall?

2) I noticed there was gyms and towns, anyway to spawn them to make it look more populated?

3) Anyway to change spawn rates? sometimes I never see pokemon

4) anyway to duel villagers? even when I send ma pokemon out at them no battle starts

5) anyway to customize trainers/ spawn them/ change their spawn rates?


6) is there anyway to spawn money?

7) Are mega evolutions in either of the mods?

thanks in advance ^^
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By XpanD
#203799 I should be able to answer a few of these, let's see...

Reforged (6.3.4, specifically) is the latest Pixelmon. There is another project, but they're thieves using ripped assets from the core games and older ripped code from Reforged. With the gen 7 update coming soon they'll likely be obsoleted entirely.

Villages spawn naturally (through Minecraft's own generator), but you can spawn Pixelmon structures by using "/struc list" and "/struc NAME". Placement is a bit fiddly, so make sure you're over a large flat area!

You can tweak those through the "pixelmon.hocon", found in "config" in your Forge profile's base folder. Restart the game after.

There are different NPCs that do different things, but you can't fight the ones that don't have a level showing over their head.

The .hocon has some options there, and you can also set up your own by going into Creative and getting yourself the NPC Editor item.

You can use the "/givemoney <player> <amount>" command for that.

Yup, all gen 1-6 megas should be in Reforged, including Rayquaza with its own unique (Dragon Ascent) evolution method.

If you need any further help, I'd recommend joining the Discord through the link on the right -- it's probably the best place for quicker questions like these, and it's a good place for general chatter too. Also, gen 7 teasers. ;-)
By Joshuam303
#203800 Thanks! So after I swap to reforged will I need to start again (I'm pre building a city for my clan for once the server hits) and are all the side add ons on this site compatabil with reforged?
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By XpanD
#203802 All sidemods on this site currently are for Reforged.

You will likely need to generate a new world, although you should be able to copy stuff over using WorldEdit and get the old terrain back by using /seed and applying that during world gen. People in the Discord should be able to help with this if you get stuck.

Make sure you back up, first!
By Joshuam303
#203804 Oh wait apparently I already have 6.3.4 , I downloaded from

and the pokemon list there had less pokemon than in the reforged site but when I tried moving the downloaded from reforge to my mods folder it said it was already there, is there anyway to check if this is true ?