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PixelMon OST?

PostPosted: 07 Jun 2019 16:25
by PixelJack
Hi, Pretty new here so sorry if I make any mistakes.

About 2 years ago I think I played Pixelmon and could remember there were some pretty epic tracks that came with the mod.
Here is one of the tracks that played:

Now I installed Pixelmon again but noticed the tracks weren't playing, just the vanilla minecraft tracks. Are they removed? Can I install them?

I have...
Pixelmon 7.0.6
Forge 1.12.2

Thanks! :-)

PixelMon OST?

PostPosted: 08 Jun 2019 06:18
by XpanD
Yup, those were removed as per the author's request. I don't think there's a way to re-add them, but you can stream them off of YT in the background.