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By Jfreak9
#26384 Is there a height limit to where pokemon spawn?

By BamfkingJDM
#26755 I've seen Pixelmon spawn in the craziest of places. I don't think the height matters, but there is a set number of pokemon that spawn per chunks. I'm probably wrong however.
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By Jack_Attack12
#26759 Under ground (zubats and ect.) pokemon only spawn up to water lvl. And the rest can spawn up to anywhere if i remember correctly =/
By Jfreak9
#27224 On the server I am on, I am building a plat form up high above the jungle biome in hopes that a mew might spawn easier that way haha
By Chopper
#27324 If the spawn is only related to the biome, not the trees, than you might consider leveling a jungle.
By I_master_mind_I
#28549 ^good idea makes it easier to spot mew,but back to the question no doupt height effects spawns