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By DBSeamz
#205708 Just curious--are there any plans to make Pixelmon available for Minecraft 1.13 or higher? I know 1.12 is the most common/popular mod version, but there are four updates' worth of new features since then that I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy using alongside their pixelmon. I have a project I'm working on that uses Pixelmon, but there are a few features in 1.13 specifically that I'd like to be able to use (mainly the aquatic plants and the new animations). This post is not so much a request as it is a "yes/no" question...I would absolutely understand if it turns out remaking the entire mod for 1.13 would be too complicated. If that's the case, I can search for other mods that add what I'm looking for, but if there are plans for a 1.13 Pixelmon mod in the near future, it would be easier for me to just be patient. Please let me know,

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By LordSamosa
#205710 We'd love to update to versions past 1.12.2 Main reason we haven't done so are due to the fact that there are no stable forge/sponge versions yet for the next updates. Once we're assured the releases are stable, it's likely we'll work on updating. For now, I've heard there are mods that can port blocks/items from the future updates back to the current version 1.12.2 Might be something you can use for now
By DBSeamz
#205715 Thanks! I have this crazy idea of recreating original episodes of the anime in Minecraft, and there's a bit in the very first episode that would look pretty stupid without the new animations added by 1.13. I tried MoBends but it conflicts with CarryOn, which I'm using mainly for aesthetic.