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By IGSA101
#206358 I'm making a map for my friend to play on, but came across a problem in testing, that being NPCs with mega pokemon wouldn't ever mega evolve. So I tested and found that even with the mega bracelet activated (I didn't even have the dynamax band at this point but I tested with it too) mega evo couldn't be used in trainer battles. But it could still be used in wild battles and outside of battle. Additionally I can't give npcs the ability to use dynamax, and the npcs that can use it don't have any visable tags saying it's an available option.

As far as I can tell this is either a bug with how the devs implemented dynamaxing, or a problem with the config option "Old Gen Dimensions" which apparently effects what parts of the game use gen 7 mechanics and what parts use gen 8 mechanics. But i have no idea how it works, all the setting itself says is 72. it doesn't give any details for how changing that value affects the game, but for some reason that value allows gen 7 mechanics for anything other than trainer battles. I can also have multiple active values for some reason, for this setting. Alternatively this is a bug with how dynamax was implemented, that being you can have either dynamax or mega evolution in a battle (why not just add a restriction that prevents a mega pokemon from dynamaxing) but for some reason it's implementation broke mega evolution, but only for trainer battles somehow.

On a side note our server used to have the gameshark addon active but now it just doesn't work despite us both still having it.

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By LordSamosa
#206361 Part of it is a bug, and part is intended. For now, against NPC trainers, you'll need to decide whether you want them to Mega evolve or Dynamax. The "Old gen Dimension" settings is telling you which Dimension will have gen 7 mechanics (Mega evolutions/Z-moves). 72 is the Dimension ID of ultra space, so Gen 7 mechanics are in that dimension. If you want them in the overworld, replace 72 with 0, this will however disable dynamaxing in the overworld. Eventually this will be changed so that each NPC can be set independently (mega, dyanmax, follow player band or follow dimension setting) so it's less restrictive.

As for
Code: Select all"But it could still be used in wild battles"
, this is a bug and shouldn't be possible by default. This will be fixed.
PVP battles are different. Each player has a band on, whoever engaged the battle I believe decides the mechanic. So if you engaged with a mega band on, the battle is a mega battle. and vice versa with Dynamaxing.