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By princesiinha
#206406 Hi! (I didn't know what the different colored book icons meant so I just put none, sorry if that messes things up)

I was wondering if anyone knows what Galarian forms are on the mod? The list of available pokemon on the mod vs the ones that exist shows only 3 Galarian forms, buuut I know for a fact that it's more than three!

To be more specific, I was trying to find information on the Galarian forms of Slowpoke, but I can't find anything :(

Can anyone help?

By princesiinha
#206409 thank you! :)

i did c heck the slowpoke one, but it didn't have info on how to evolve the galarian one, and i wasn't sure if in the mod it just goes by level or if galarian slowbro wasn't in the mod yet! because i thiiiink in the normal games, galarian slowpoke needs a special item or something?