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Galarian Forms

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2020 07:45
by princesiinha
Hi! (I didn't know what the different colored book icons meant so I just put none, sorry if that messes things up)

I was wondering if anyone knows what Galarian forms are on the mod? The list of available pokemon on the mod vs the ones that exist shows only 3 Galarian forms, buuut I know for a fact that it's more than three!

To be more specific, I was trying to find information on the Galarian forms of Slowpoke, but I can't find anything :(

Can anyone help?

Re: Galarian Forms

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2020 08:01
by LordSamosa
To see what forms are in the mod, you can always refer to our changelog.

For specific pokemon, should be able to just check the wiki for them.

Galarian Forms

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2020 00:37
by princesiinha
thank you! :)

i did c heck the slowpoke one, but it didn't have info on how to evolve the galarian one, and i wasn't sure if in the mod it just goes by level or if galarian slowbro wasn't in the mod yet! because i thiiiink in the normal games, galarian slowpoke needs a special item or something?

Galarian Forms

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2020 19:33
by SKy2008
It needs the Galarica Cuff, yes.