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By HelpingChansey
#210313 A 2 hours average pokemon spawn just to get my cosmog spawn stolen by a Rayquaza spawn. Its literally just Entei now, worst than diancie. Can we please do something about some pixelmons not spawning properly in servers the good pokemons like Xerneas, Darkrai, Cosmog, Yveltal, Calyrex, etc. or maybe even Darkrai

All we keep getting are Keldeos, Enteis, Victinis, and Rayquaza. Literally, Rayquaza became the most common dragon type in the server and not even the vote points Zygarde is as common as Rayquaza.

By HelpingChansey
#210322 Heatran spawns too often too but Calyrex doesn't spawn much but Spectrier spawns more than the suppose to be common Calyrex.

Suppose that the post will gain traction if I suggest to lower their percentage of spawning lower and everyone would barge in just to hate on it but I suggest that their spawnrate could be lower down since Heatran's spawnrate in the Hells biome or The Nether is more common because the entire area is a hell biome and same in the overworld. And Rayquaza is easy to obtain in the game but he's too strong in smogon competitive so his spawn rate should be lowered and just base his spawnrate on one block of air only and he only spawns in the air or far away from the player and the leggy easily disappears or despawns because some players are unaware that Rayquaza spawns and despawns it unintentionally. Meloetta's spawn rate is also unfair because she spawns at night which is 455 seconds of waiting and Cosmog is 180 seconds that means Meloetta will spawn more often than Cosmog same with Necrozma and Darkrai camping.