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By Nissalee
#28814 I've been at this for days and days now. Every day I get on and go digging. I've spent hours going through gravel at various levels, dug thousands of blocks from under the ocean's first few layers, and even dug up gravel just between 40 and 16... all for nothing.

I want some honest to goodness advice on this. Where have you recently found fossils? How rare are they supposed to be? Please help! All I want is an Archen.

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By Rados
#28816 Is the world new or old? If its old, try loading new chunks
By karrybird
#28819 not sure if you know this, but fossils do spawn in any biome now, a very welcomed change if you ask me :)
but yeah, do what rados said and load new chunks, probably your best bet there.
By Elakan
#28865 Karrybird and Rados Are absolutely correct. Listen to them if you want to have luck finding any.
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By Nissalee
#29016 Thank you all a ton! I'd been looking through all sorts of info, but didn't catch the patch notes until you mentioned it. Thanks!