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By Syovere
#211422 The big example is that as I recall, Pixelmon has out of the box support for Biomes O' Plenty, automatically spawning pokemon in appropriate biomes.

I was wondering if there are any other mods Pixelmon has built-in or sidemod support for - mods that would actually need support, that is; ArchitectureCraft, for example, didn't need anything special and automatically works with all blocks.

(though if anyone has suggestions for 1.16 mods that work nicely with Pixelmon, I am all ears.)

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By ItsPiitchBiitch
#211425 In 9.0.0 I believe they added out of the box support for Oh the Biomes You'll Go. There was a sidemod back in 1.12.2 that allowed for seasonal spawning with Serene Seasons, and I know that a bunch of popular sidemods got forked into the main release for 9.0.0, but I don't know if that one was one of them.