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By Theenderking990
#212002 Hey, I just checked the wiki page about what Ores generate in what areas + at what Y levels, but there's nothing for Silver, Platinum and Aluminium/Bauxite. I have noticed that Platinum generates at Y =16 and below (Similar to Diamond and Redstone), Aluminium/Bauxite generates at Y = 64 and below (Similar to Iron), but I have no idea where Silver Ore generates (I think it generates like Gold does ?)

Could someone please not only update the Ore's wiki page, but also tell me if I'm right or wrong and what the generation conditions are please ?

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By StinkTofu
#212065 I have the same question :)
I haven't found any silver ore yet even though I've found quite some silicon, bauxite, platinum, crystal, amethyst, sapphire and ruby.
Maybe silver ore only generates in certain biomes like emerald does...?
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By justGameR413
#212080 From what I know, Silver seems to be seemingly more rare than Platinum, my only guess is that they switched the numbers while coding it?