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By I_master_mind_I
#30470 So Do certain biomes increase or decrease boss pokemon spawn rate? For instance the server I play seems to have more bosses spawn in a mushroom biome when compared to taiga and forest biomes, and is boss spawn rate coded this way or is it mere coincidence and other factors like having no other players around that causes more bosses to spawn?

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By Roark196
#30628 It's most likely a coincidence. It could be the availability of Pokemon to choose from. Example: If a Tundra Biome only has a few Pokemon that spawn there, most likely there wouldn't be that many Boss Pokemon.
By XtheMATTx
#31626 from what ive read in the config there is a certain amount of pokemon that can spawn in a certain area at one time. Maybe you could change that number to a higher one. because if the area is aleady full, it wont have any open spaces to choose from to try and spawn one if one were to spawn