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By imapseudonym
#2522 Would someone be willing to give a rundown of how to host an adventure server. I have some hosting experience and have ran a server for the past year or so for a bukkit server. However, I'm trying to set up a 24/7 Pixelmon server but am struggling to see how others host it with the adventure setting. I realize a lot of places use villagers to trade emeralds for pokeball and have teleports in their server. I've also seen starter type kits and stuff like that given through pressure plates and what I presume to be command blocks? How are these people doing this? Are there specific forge mods that are compatible with Pixelmon that make this possible?

Just trying to learn some before the server goes live to make it a positive experience for everyone. If you happen to have any information on this, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

By imapseudonym
unrivaledneo wrote:For shop keepers alot use a mcedit shopkeeper, with the TPs, items sets all done with command blocks.

Thanks for the info. Can you actually specify what to trade with the villagers in mcedit or something? I figured command blocks were used for the rest but I'm just kinda lost on the shops now is all.
By imapseudonym
#2588 Oh yeah for follow up, most of the servers that do use NPCs as traders always have the same amount. IE 3 feather for 1 emerald. Like 5 emeralds for 5 pokeballs or something like that. Is there a universal NPC trader somewhere in the Pixelmon mod that I don't know about?