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By lolpr0
#2708 First of all , sorry for my english (im from the Basque country)

I have a couple of questions about the mod,
1-is there a way of crafting a masterball?

2-Does Mew spawn naturally?

3-the fossils also spawn naturally?

4-Is the Nether usefull?(Apart from for gathering glow dust)

By the way I found a couple of bugs(I think so), I have a little server with my friends and I think its allready said but when we use the pokedex the game crashes. And all the pokemons have a little less life than the one shown in the bar.

PD: We all love the mod.

By lolpr0
#2714 Thx for answering so fast, by the way, does mew spawn in a special place or is just a question of luck?
and the fossils can be "crafted" into real pokemons?
By Skibb
#2716 Mews spawn everywhere I think , except in the nether and Ocean . So yes , it's a question of luck ;)
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By MrMasochism
#2734 Fossils are missing a step to be turned into real pokemon currently. There needs to be a machine made (it's designed, just not added) that will turn the fossils found underground into ones that can go into the machine.
By I_master_mind_I
#21760 Think im jumping on an old tread but as of 1.2.1
1. Masterballs are dropped by boss pokemon indicated with colored names
2. mew spawns in a rare chance in jungle biome
3. Fossils spawn in layers 30-50 in gravel on a rare chance
4. Not really
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Skibb wrote:Mews spawn everywhere I think , except in the nether and Ocean . So yes , it's a question of luck ;)

no, he only spawns in the jungle now