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By gustagap
#217242 Hi, i'm rocking the 9.2.3 version of Pixelmon and i'm having no success finding fossils, i've tried everywhere since freezing oceans, deep oceans and normal oceans so far, i'm looking especifically at gravels and i'm breaking some of them to see if there's any fossils underneath it, but there wasn't so far. Have the method to find fossils changed? Or am i being too unlucky? (i'm trying between level Y = 12 - 50. Thank you.

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By SnoringLaxative
#222635 Fossil blocks are found within gravel piles at height levels 12-50. They are fairly uncommon finds, so it may take a while to find one. They will generate before any gravel in the world begins falling due to gravity, which is something to keep in mind while searching for them. Unlike the gravel surrounding them, Fossil blocks are not affected by gravity. According to the information you might just be unlucky..