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By Chubert1
#38129 IGN: Chubert1
Age: 15
Skype: ChubertChub
how long you've been playing pixelmon: Somewhere around 5-6 months.
What can you bring to the team: I usually end up being "that other guy", like the bassist of the band. Everyone needs that other guy in a group. I also have plenty of Minecraft experience, and I'm awesome in general... And I totally never lie about how awesome I am... Yeah...
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gamingnut2 wrote:Oh yeah and i almost forgot, I'm partnered with the RPM Network.

ew, i would go with machinima like me, at least rpm is better then socialblade and tgn (no i dont mean tgs, tgs is the best for gaming hands down, they pay the most and give you tons of benefits)