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By Jond22
#39413 I love that we are able to spawn in Pixelmon using the command block now. But are there ways to modify the spawning command in any ways?

I would really like to know if it were possible to spawn Pixelmon into a specific coordinate, but haven't came across a way to alter the normal "/pokespawn Mew" command. Just trying "/pokespawn Mew 0 72 0" doesn't do anything extra.

I would like to hide all the command blocks in the ground of a map, and have other command blocks and comparators do the work on when to spawn. But I can't work out how to get the Pokemon to spawn in a location without the command block being seen. This is mainly for an adventure map, which is why I want them hidden so much.

Even a way to spawn Pixelmon so they fall from the command block, as opposed to on top, would be helpful. I know this is a really recent addition, and was just wondering about this. Any ideas?

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By Burgy
#39478 I suggest putting the CMD block underground 1 block and putting a clock on. When the entity spawns, it is clipping so it will either just go on top, or eventually jump up.
Just a guess though.