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By hotburn101
#41508 narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cause they are so awesome narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean pretty big an pretty white can beat a polar bear in a a fight , like an underwater unicorn they got a kick a** facial horn there the jedi of the sea they stop cuthulu from eating ye ..... NARWHALS THEY ARE NARWHALS , NARWHALS Just don't let them touch your (word that rhymes with walls ) NARWHALS THEY ARE NARWHALS , NARWHALS inventors of the shish kebab sorry could not resist
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By hikaru
#72021 Sorry if i to late but i would like to im useing the technic verstion is that okay? and i also cant get a server so a 3 group would be cool also i cant find any adventure map's that are good and realy work with pixlemon so ited be cool if this were one sorry for all the spelling mistakes im disleksik (how ever you spell it D:)
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By Animalol
#72476 Moving this to General Discussion.