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By KuryoZT
#41862 You posted 6 minutes ago. That's a really short term.
You should let some time, as not everyone is on the same time-zone as you, nor can they check the forums every minutes. Let people come, read the thread, and let them think about it, it's kinda a "big" decision". A series isn't something people should just hop on and begin to do, if they have no ambition to do more than once, you will feel disappointed.
So I have no really nice way to put, just be a little patient, and others will come and try it out.
Take it easy, ok? Life need no rush.
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By KuryoZT
#41870 Hey now, don't take this the harsh way, I'm just saying.
No need to be sorry mate. But there are some things to consider before hushing stuff.
Now I'd love to help you, but I speak like a baby cry, and that aien't good for videos.
But I can still wish you good luck for your series, hope you get the help you deserve, cos starting up can be real hard.
Good luck.
#42147 Before I just jump into all of this I would like a lil more info into what you are trying to do here.
#42511 heck with it sure I will jump in also
Age 13
Name Alex
IGN epicbeast407
Skype name xf34rxx
and if u have a mic yes
and boy/girl Boy