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By Shielda
#222511 Hi! I'm newbie here. Is very nice to meet all of you.

I'm a Map Maker and i want make a Survivor/RPG Simple Map. I want this map have all Original Structures of Pixelmon (I really love Swanna Boat and the Magikarp Boat), but not the Gym and Village. The Villages i can disable with datapack or other mods, is not a problem for me. But the big problem is the Gym, Gyms is a big Structure that spawn with a themed city... and i not like that. I dont wanna disable with the Minecraft config in the World Create, that option just disable ALL Structures of ALL MODS include Pixelmon. I hate this. Can I disable gyms somehow?

I try use 1.12.2 to Disable Gyms (Config | Spawngyms = False) but... i just hate this version. No the mod, the mod is perfect, but Minecraft 1.12.2 is just ugly for me. Haha.

Sorry for the bad english, i'm Brazillian.

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By SKyTheThunder
#222621 Structure generation can be changed by overriding it via Data Pack.

In MC 1.16.5 you'd have to do that via the respective "start_pool.json" files under "data/pixelmon/worldgen/template_pool/gyms/<type>/". There you can set any "weight" value to 0. In theory the game will still try to generate the structure, but doesn't find any viable entry to place, so nothing generates.

MC 1.20.2 has made the basic declaration of Structure Sets available for Data Packs, so it's easier there. You only have to override the file under "data/pixelmon/worldgen/structure_set/gyms.json" and remove all entries from the "structures" list.