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By Bulska
#42484 I just came across this mod and I was amazed by what's possible with it! I've installed it and tested it immediatly, but the first thing that I immediatly noticed was that my Bulbasaur gained 2 levels, from one pokémon battle, with a pokémon two levels lower than himself.

That's some crazy EXP gain, and I wonder if there's any way that I can change it, like I can with the spawn rates in the config file.

I enjoy working for those levels, and right now they feel given to me without even trying. It removes the satisfaction of the challenge, and while I can understand some people don't want to grind, I bet there's quite some people who'd like it customizable.

If it's there, can anyone tell me how I can change it, and if not, will it ever be implemented?

By aren117
#42501 I know i had one go up over ten levels in one battle but as of now there is no way to change it sorry
By hotburn101
#42513 im pretty sure that's normal in the mod ex my evee went up 2 levels from a level seven magikarp
By jeremy58589721
#42561 doesnt each level and type of pokemon have a different set of XP needed to level up. as in one pokemon is easier to level up because it sucks which is why it takes less xp tp level it up... but than once it evolves it takes more xp to level it up not just because its a higher level but because its evolved form is kickass ? :O
By Bulska
#44525 In the original pokémon, each pokémon has an amount of EXP it needs to go to the next level. This differs per pokémon.

Each pokémon also has an amount of EXP they give once defeated, which scales by level.

However, in pixelmon, the EXP gain is either different in scaling or simply put on a too high level.
A way to change the EXP gain would be awesome for people that want a slower pace game.
By suprgamr232
#44551 Because there is no real objective of the game at the moment (as in it's pretty much just minecraft with Pokemon, no gyms or anything) the game will become very slow paced while you level your Pokemon up. Each Pokemon do have a varying EXP need for each level, and you'll notice it as soon as you start catching other Pokemon.

Though admittedly, Pixelmon isn't as slow paced as the Pokemon games, it still has a lot to offer in terms of content and offers hours upon hours of playtime.
By lakris2
#44654 You cant change it now :/

But maybe in the future they make you can.
By Evilshallwin
#44793 I've had my Bulbasaur in SSP gain 6 levels from fighting a much higher leveled Magikarp (about 12, didn't know Tackle yet).

I hope they give an option to reduce specific pokemon exp, since Magikarp are a truly easy way to level...
By Lettucecow
#45834 i like the over exp gain, but thats probably just me.