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By phorcillic
#3670 When my friend will write good modifyworld replacer for pixelmon servers, there will be propably more slots

Our server provider says pixelmon have horribly big CPU usage, which blocks more slots for a while O_o
By imapseudonym
#3694 Would someone be willing to paste their groupmanager information? I've been trying to set it up and failing. No matter how many times I add the permission for the players they cannot use commands such as /tpa and /sethome etc. I've used PEX forever so using group manager is odd.
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By phorcillic
#3939 It's possible to play on it already. You must only know, which plugins are not working with Pixelmon :P

Modifyworld sends errors everytime a player tries to make a lid using an anvil
WorldGuard doesn't lock apricorns planting. 2-3 'planting maniacs' and those trees are gonna be EVERYWHERE.
By imapseudonym
#4050 Oh okay haha.

Well I tried Lockette today and it wouldn't work for some reason so FYI.

After i installed it, pokemon pictures went blank for all players and if they tried to throw out their pokemon it would give them an internal error and crash them :]

Anyone know of any land claiming / protection plugins that work with Pixelmon?
By Beowulf
#4051 Well... you could try Factions or try out Towny... I don't know what you are looking for but those two options idk... haven't really tried mixing that stuff yet.
By imapseudonym
phorcillic wrote:Propably during Lockette instalation you have broken up ForgeBukkit.

Hrm odd. Does lockette normally work?

And maybe I'll see if factions or Towny is compatible.