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By 1cec0ld
#21676 Dude, wait 1 day minimum, spamming the forum every hour will make people LESS likely to help you.
Sadly, I don't have the knowledge to help with your problem, or I would.

More on topic, has anyone found a way to make an economy work with pixelmon? Essentials can't handle non-vanilla Item IDs. Also, is there an API for when a pokemon/trainer is beaten so an add-on could be made for rewards based on them?
In response to the Chestshop option I read about above, how does that work with the pixelmon currency?
My last idea was to use emeralds as physical currency, and have villagers trade pixelmon items, but haven't found a forge-compatible server mod for customization yet.
Thanks for any inputs, and as always to the developers, keep up the good work!