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By ajr000
#3443 Does anybody have knowledge on when the new pixelmon are implemented? I'm waiting on the poliwhirl and espeon which were both approved, so I was just wondering if there was an ETA on them?

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By fugger973
#3449 I thought they would have been in the newest update, but i think i saw something about some of the coders not being around to put them in. So hopefully in the NEXT update, whenever that may be.
By JurroRath
#3451 Currently, there's a problem with Techne where it doesn't rotate along the y-axis correctly, meaning that while the model looks fine in Techne, any parts of the model that rotate along the y-axis are going to look scewed in-game. This can be fixed in code, but it takes a long time as we need to manually change the rotation value for each rotated part and then test it in game to make sure it looks right. It can be done, but it takes a long time. Re-piecing models is also slowing us down, as models either aren't pieced at all or are pieced poorly, and while it's not as bad as the y-rotation bug, it can still take a while, especially on models with lots of rotated parts. We're hoping someone can come up with a formula to fix the y-rotation bug at some point, and perhaps put up a piecing tutorial as well, as piecing a model as you go isn't that hard, but piecing after a model is done is much more difficult.

As a side note, I recently added in the Seadra model, and am working on piecing Cloyster so it can be added in, so hopefully those will appear in the next couple of updates, along with a few others. So yeah, we're working on adding pokemon on, but it could take some time. Please be patient.
By Beowulf
#3510 Very nice models btw. But I thought the Y-rotation issue was fixed? Its like a main problem lols and I saw some posts on the "Help fix Techne" forum topic?