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#50017 Hey guys, as you may be aware my video tutorial is down (damn you morons flagging my video for no reason) so for a temp fix that will stay here for ever is this instillation tutorial that i typed up on my phone, its idiot proof really, well, I shouldn't say that, people will find a way to screw up.

So why am I posting this here and not in the release forum/support or sticking this? well it's simple, I want you guys to maybe give some suggestions on how to improve this (ie between step 16 and 17 put blah blah blah) I would also like for a mac user to type me up similar instructions as basic as mine are, because as I'm sure you are aware of, most things you find are for windows, and the people that like to waste money, I mean own a mac, don't really have any help, and most cant help them because they have windows. ... sp=sharing

so there is the link to the tutorial i wrote up, and suggestions would be very helpful (and if someone could give me some screen shots to add on it would be great as well)

By Blaze150
#50107 Okay so spg your right seems simple enough for all the noobs out there but there will be some who mess it up
Anyway you should reccomebd they save the .zip files to the desktop it makes them a hell of alot easier to find
And instead of extracting everything have it so both roaming and whichever .zip their installing open so then they can highlight the mods and database (using as an example) folders and drag them into .minecraft then merging folders and replacing whatever it sounds a lot less complicated to noobs (trust me iv'e been their)