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By SkyTechSix
#51365 Hello, so me and my friends are currently working on a pixelmon server and we've of course run into a lot of problems with BukkitForge not working with plugins (if anyone knows an auth plugin that works with it, do tell? Or an NPC?)

Sooo I have been going through all the shop plugins trying to get one to work for Pixelmon items, I've come down to ChestShop which works on our server, but it sees all the pixelmon id's as "Air" not matter which one I put in. like 8256 for Poke Ball or 10262 for Potion.

Anyone know how to fix? Thanks in advance! :D

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By Kuwoobie
#52110 From what I've seen, Bukkitforge will not work with much if you're looking to have any sort of economy/shops on your server. Unless you roll your server back to 1.5.1, and use Bukkitforge for 1.5.1, that is.