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By daviatella
#3848 you all know that pixelmon doesnt have villages with gyms etc.. but atomicstryker's ruins mod let you edit an structure on mcedit and add it to the mod so if you make a pokemon city and put it on the mod it will spawn randomly in the world right :D ?

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By Tom_X
#4068 Technically yes, but we can't ask everyone who downloads this mod to also download that one if they want to have buildings and towns, if that's what you mean.
By creeder99
#4872 but couldnt you do something similar to that mod and add that too the pixelmon mod, or even change npc villages to pokemon villages??
By Beowulf
#4887 Sorry had no idea :( Need to work on a checklist of things done and needing added etc... Just need some time but I WILL be working on it albeit at a slow pace for the tax season <:(
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Beowulf wrote:@Creeder. It would have to be made as a sidemod to increase PixelMon's playability. Not everyone would want random structures spawning in their worlds because they have slow computers so its a choice of who wants to make it, how well they make it, and if they want it to be compatible in everyway with PixelMon.

Disregard this post, he has no idea what he is talking about, town gen is slowly being worked on and will be added some time in the future.