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By I_master_mind_I
#55436 Before anything no this isn't one of those repetitive annoying post asking how to easily find them its the technique I use. The technique ill call Check and go
It work by using 3 simple steps
    1. Identify a chunk corner(the coordinates are always dividable by 16)
    2. Load the surrounding 4 chunks and let pokemon spawn
    4. Remain in the Boxed out area until pokemon spawn anywhere from 4-6
    5. Check the pokemon in the boxed out area(the 4 loaded chunks)
    6. If no bosses or shinnies then move on to a new "box"(4 chunks)
    7. Rinse and repeat steps 1-6
    8. Only advance anywhere from 5-10 boxes then turn back to were you started following the same procedure
have patience you'll definitely find bosses shinnies are a little trickier as you have to check every pokemon and know every shiny skin as some rarely change anything like flaffy having a green tail instead of purple small difference

By Vespirs
#59576 Or use
Code: Select all/pokespawn <pokemon name> s
It was confirmed on another topic that in the next patch, you will be able to spawn boss pokemon as well, with a command similar to this:
Code: Select all/pokespawn <pokemon name> boss3

Or if you don't want to cheat, use your method xD