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By Evilshallwin
MrMasochism wrote:
Evilshallwin wrote:
MrMasochism wrote:AirPersistent isn't being used yet. Mainly cause we don't have the AI implemented yet but the idea is that airpersistent pokemon will spawn high up in a set altitude range (for each pokemon) and will stay inside that range.

Currently airpersistent just get lumped with the other ground pokemon though so they do spawn

Hm, doing some tests and comparing to the database, they seem to be spawning a lot lower than the rarity the database has for them...

Is this because the other pokemon are taking up future spawning slots?

The rarity in the database is a relative number which relates to the total other pokemon also spawning in that biome. They are spawning at the right level currently

Alright, so how many spawns would it take to spawn one Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres, on average? Also, if I were to go around slaughtering the other pokemon, would the chances of spawning a bird be slightly higher, since pokemon would spawn to replace the ones I killed?

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By MrMasochism
#56136 Someone (I think craftbattleduty) has calculated the odds and put them up on a youtube vid and yes, removing old pokemon will increase their chances though not as much as just leaving an area and coming back to it