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By MrMasochism
#2313 generation packs are planned. Pixelmon needs extensive modification to be compatible with bukkit. We have someone working on it, slowly

By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#2320 Who exactly is working on that pixelmon to bukkit project?
I'd like to maybe talk with them and find out a way to help out to get it moving hopefully faster. :) Having it work with a bukkit server would be amazing.
#2565 I actually managed to get my server to accept Bukkit, although it was only run locally but through an external console. Bukkit/Pixelmon couldn't handle the battles, because as soon as I tried to engage in one, the server would crash and restart. I'm having a go at modifying some of the files that bukkit and pixelmon use that are similar and that are causing specific crashes. I'll post updates here if you'd like, I might figure something out :P
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By 04paynea
#35688 OK just to clarify, i have bukkit running on the server i work on, but is there a plugin that allows multiple worlds as when i use multiworld and muliverse neither seen to like pixelmon.

so my question is. Is there a plugin that allows multi-world support?