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By Ki104po
#55958 Can we get some data values on the aluminum and balls and apricorns and such?...I hate being in creative mode, and I've already half completed this world I'm working on...I can't seem to find this information anywhere else...and punching in random numbers will take for ever...I'm not even 100% sure they need them but I assume they do...

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By Kyiv
#55969 Check your Pixelmon.cfg file inside your Configs folder in your Minecraft Folder!

The Item Ids are there but you have to pick the right one!

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By GhostWolf2398
okkeh96 wrote:In the pixelmon.cfg I believe you have to add a certain number to those data values. What I do is press f3 +h ingame and if you hover over an item it will show the ID you need to use.

This would be the recommended method, as when the mod loads it adds 256 to the datavalue from the config, and depending on other mods listed, etc.
By Ki104po
#56317 Thank you all so much, that is perfectly helpful information for once on a forum...but what do you mean f3 +h? i'll go play around and see if i can figure it out...