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By Mudkip512
Vespirs wrote:I think that pokemon spawner blocks would be useful for like an adventure map, or a role play experience, where only a certain type of pokemon spawn in a specific area, like, if you were to download a map of one of the regions, there would be spawner blocks of pidgeys, considering they are low level, and are in the begining of the games. <--- lol I rambled too much on that, but yes, I could find them useful, if they were ever considered to be put in game.


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By Kyiv
#64400 Somehow It isn't working on MCPC+...... It wouldnt spawn anything.
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By ryancpexpert
#64512 Just use command blocks. With command blocks you can control the spawn rates (Not Literally just you won't have a ton of that one pokemon).
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By Kevaka953
#64686 Or use nbtedit mod
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By redrafter
Kevaka953 wrote:Or use nbtedit mod

NBTedit isn't a mod, it's a tool.

I agree that spawners should be allowed. I also would greatly enjoy being able to spawn a custom level.
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By Kevaka953
#65061 I know but it's also a mod
Here's a link
By Vespirs
Firespar wrote:
darkblade127218 wrote:only prob though, how will ya set the actual spawner block like that, how would ya set lvl?

You don't, unless they add level value to the /pokespawn command. Which I think they should, alongside natures and maybe IVs.

Like, /pokespawn (name) (shiny) (level) (nature) (HP IV) (Attack IV) (Defense IV) (Sp. Atk IV) (Sp. Def IV) (Speed IV)

For Shiny values, you could use r for a regular Pokemon or something.

So, /pokespawn gastly s 5 modest 31 30 30 31 31 31 would spawn a Modest shiny level 5 Gastly with Hidden Power Ice IVs.

This will most likely never be added, considering how long it is. Most players really don't care about IV's anyway. :/ The lvl could be useful, but that's about it.
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By Kevaka953
#65994 im testing nbtedit mod to make a spawner if it works ill post instructions just got to wait till pixelmon 1.6.2
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By MrMasochism
Kevaka953 wrote:im testing nbtedit mod to make a spawner if it works ill post instructions just got to wait till pixelmon 1.6.2

I can unfortunately guarantee that it won't work. The issue is there's a second initialisation routine that needs to be fired when a pokemon spawns which none of the spawners will fire
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By Kevaka953
#66108 I'll still test it just to be safe