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By paullee12
#59840 So I'm on a server and they cant allow us to have creative and /fly does not work. Me and my friend are building a big structure and they said if we are able to find a fly mod compatible with Pixelmon, we will be allowed to use it. So are there any compatible fly mods?

-Thanks in advance

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By Kyiv
#59843 The Problem I think is BukkitForge unless you are using MCPC+.
Well... You can try to search for one on the MCForums.

By Firespar
#59854 CJB's mods are forge-compatible, and I believe there's a flymod included, but good luck finding a reliable download. Also, I haven't actually tested to see whether they're compatible with Pixelmon. Not to mention, using x-ray mods and flymods will most likely get you banned from most servers.
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By AnDwHaT5
#59867 The cjb mods are compatible with pixelmon. I used them once on a server i donated to.