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By Cribbel
#68881 Hey,

I think most here are aware that as soon as a moss or ice stone is generated
with optifine installed the game crashes. I was just wondering is there a way
I could possibly remove those blocks to play the game with optifine properly?
I know that I wont need them in the mod.

Or maybe is it possibly to release a seperate version without these blocks that
would work with optifine. I am no modder so I dont know how much effort that
would take or if that is even possible, so sorry if it is a dumb question. If it is
possible but would take extremely long or hard to do, then please just ignore all
of this. :)

The reason I am asking is, because a friend and I we make videos but without
optifine there is no chance we can record (it is possible but here and then some lag

So any information regarding this topic would be great. I just have the feeling
the optifine team do not try to fix it since it is also with other mods, and the problem
has been around almost 2 month I think. But if there is a way I can solve this myself
post that too! :)

Thanks a lot.
Kind Regards

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#68884 well, even if there was a way, hate to break it to you, but more and more objs are being made by the day, so remove them or not, its all on optifine's hands at this point, sorry locked (you could also generate all the terrain in the area without optifine and remove it with mcedit)