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By SwordMasterA
#5230 I think that three good ideas for Pixelmon are the follwing.

1:My first idea is pixelmon spawners/ spawn eggs. These in my opinion would be used for creative, so if some one wanted a sertant pixelmon to spawn in a sertant place in their adventure map, this is what they would use to do that.

2:My second idea would be to have pokemon spawn in your would with the same level (or a little higher) as either your weakest or strongest pokemon, that way your pokemon don't faint 24/7 to a level 42 pokemon, when your pokemon is only level 5-30, to me this would make it some what easier for people to level up their pokemon (same thing for trainers.). Although this might be too hard to do for servers.

3:My final idea would be to make it so you can edit a trainer and how it works on creative mode, maybe you could have an object only obtainable in creative. This would mainly be use for adventure map makers to edit what pokemon and what level pokemon they have, there should also be a setting if it will do what trainers do in GBA pokemon, like stop you and make you battle them.

If you read this I hope you agree, I also hope you took consideration while reading this, as always thank you, and have a good day!


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By MrMasochism
#5261 I'd suggest that if you want people to read this and respond to it, that you go back and edit your message so that it is more readable. Multiple paragraphs or a list would make working out what your 3 suggestions are.
By Jaekafer
#5704 I agree with the 1st idea wholeheartedly! That would be excellent for people making adventure/rpg style servers.

To the second idea - You can just avoid the stronger level pokemon. In the event that they start an encounter with you however, I suggest that the 'run' function should be more reliable so that you can escape the encounter without losing your whole team.

To the third idea - The idea is nice, but I've seen a better one that I support: Making trainers placeable and then edited with a set of text-based commands. Things like the trainers pokemon and their lvls/moves, trainers name and type (bug catcher, fisherman etc.). This would make it possible to have gym leaders and such.
I DO however like the part about trainers making eye-contact with you and initiating an encounter! Then one could place weaker trainers in gyms that people have to fight to continue on towards the gym leader.
I can think of several issues with this, but I'll not say them here- if the developers like the idea enough I'm sure they will work around them! :)