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By Il_Lupo
#69461 So, I caught a Naughty natured Dragonair at lvl 36. It's got these IVs:

HP: 18

Attack: 30

Defense: 18

Special Attack: 30

Special Defense: 6

Speed: 25

Now, I want to EV train it and from what I can see on Google, opinions are mixed on how Dragonite should operate. Since my guy has a nature beneficial to attack, I feel I should aim for mostly physical attacks, but maybe one special attack-themed move to mix things up. Considering all of this, what EVs should I train, and what moveset in Pixelmon would best suit my Dragonair (and soon to be Dragonite)?

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By MissingNoL
#70712 Well, first, you have to think of when you want it to be usable. If you want it to be effective at any time, refer to its Smogon page for a general outline of what it should be like; I would go with this route, as it will prove worthwile later on and will be easier. If, for whatever reason, you want to use it right now, you will have to prepare to change your moveset with some updates, and maybe trash it if you give it a bad EV spread.
Most of those who argue on how Dragonite should operate have the presumption that all 678 Pokemon are able to be used, as well as egg and tutor moves and items; your Dragonite has to be prepared with an answer to the most common of these. Certain Pokemon (Choice Scarfers, Steels, physical walls, Slowbro, Cloyster, Starmie) will wall it and/or murder it to the moon and back in this case. These threats are listed on the Smogon page as well.
However, the only Pokemon in-game are all of generation one with a few select others, so the threat list is very little, but it's good to be prepared;
Defensive Cloyster and Mewtwo are something to watch out for. To counter Cloyster, pack on Superpow- oh wait, it's a tutor move.
Anything faster than base 80 speed should be considered, or anything with a Choice Scarf (if it works in this update). Electrode sticks out here, as it can STAB Thunderbolt for super effective damage before Dragonite can even blink, and if injured, may kill it. I would just run at this point, as with Choice users, it's better to predict and lock them into an uneffective move, and with Electrode, you will save yourself a lot of hassle by switching into something like Golem. Starmie is usually an anti-lead for Dragonite, since everyone leads with it, and will Ice Beam you. I guess Thunderbolt works here, but it's use outside of it is limited. Also, Starmie is much faster as well, so you have to be really stupid to stay in on one.
Steels and physical walls can take its offensive attacks all day. Packing a special-type move to work around these is not really recommended; fleeing or Earthquake is a better option. Or Fire Punch, if you don't- oh wait, that's a tutor move too.
What may also determine Dragonite's role is your teammates. Either you can choose a role for it and then build a team to counter its counters, or fit it onto a team you already have in mind somehow. If you opt for sun or rain teams, you should- oh wait, it's an physical Dragonite, and, Waterfall is an HM. Most things that are nice aren't in-game yet...
Long story short, you'll have to get creative. I recommend refering to Smogon and just using filler in place of unobtainable moves, but that's your call. The set I like the most is Dragon Dance, since it'll rape after it gets a boost. Or, if using a rain team, a psuedo-parafusion set with Thunder and Hurricane to really irk the other team. You should definitely use Outrage and ExtremeSpeed for sure, and maybe a Choice Band/Scarf if you're feeling lucky.
I don't recommend using one special attack if you're going to use three other physical attacks. Either go physical or special with Dragonite.
I hope I helped you. I was a bit tired while writing this, so please tell me if I was not clear about something.
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By Il_Lupo
#70755 Thanks for the response, wasn't sure if I was going to get one. Unfortunately, extremespeed is an egg move. Going for outrage, and using earthquake as well. I ended up ev training it in speed and attack, which is fairly simple but will get the job done. Thanks again for the advice.
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By KuryoZT
#70775 Answered, done, locked.
Nice job having a Dragonite!