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By Sirnick41
#5361 A) If you spawn a pokemon with the spawn command (ex: /spawn squirtle), how long does it last before it goes away?

B) If I start a superflat world, can I create areas for pokemon to spawn naturally? (ex: put down a bunch of snow blocks and get a swinub to spawn or dig out a lake to make magikarp spawn)

Thanks in advance!

By Xiro
#5381 To add onto that, what command string would you use to spawn pokemon on a server?

It can't be the same, depending on the server plugins. Using "/spawn Bulbasaur 5" comes up as an error, saying "player Bulbasaur not found", obviously conflicting with plugins like Essentials.
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By phorcillic
#5387 EssentialsSpawn clearly conflicts with Pixelmon.
If you want to use /spawn pokemon, then you must deactivate EssentialsSpawn. ;p

Personally, I am using EssentialsSpawn only during server maintenance. ;p
By Jaekafer
#6377 I actually want to know something too;
Can you change what biomes pokemon spawn in? If I wanted to be really specific on an adventure map, for instance, could I change certain pokemon to spawn in certain biomes (not even necessarily making any sense) and then just world edit what biomes are where later on?
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By KuryoZT
#20290 that's normal, you didn't search in the good place. The new command is /pokespawn "name" (s)