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By hikaru
#72025 Hi after searching for days on end for a good pixelmon adventure map after deciding i wont find one i want to make my own good one but im not that good at building dont have much time to do so and cant decide to make my own region or make one that is already made and named E.G kanto johto Ect so yea alsoanotehr problem is i cant make a server so if you can that would be a big help P.s i might not asnwer straight awy as im sometimes busy Sorry :( also i am using the technic mod pack of this (offical) so please use that! (inless i could update XD) (you tell me what is best ok sorry for it being so long on and so many of these! -> ( ) sorry! :( )

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By Animalol
#72475 Moving this to General Discussion.