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By hikaru
#72680 Hi i was just wondering if any one would like to either make a map with me or needs any hep with one (pixelmon latest version btw) if not oh well also i can not make a server you will have to do it please dont troll me or any thing like that its been before and i can see threw it :D so yea please dont try! :o

By Caemyth
#74445 Hi, I do have a Server and I'm working on making it feel as close to the games as possible while remaining Minecraft, We use CNPC and a few other Plugins.
I'm curious to know what you're trying to do? Feel free to contact me back.
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By urbymine
#80619 i'm working on a adventure mode server where every structure will be unique (with a few exceptions), not all that much tedious work ,i'm simply looking for a extra hand and perhaps even some launch players.