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By Zala
#73034 Hello :)
I got a question and hope some one can help me with it
In every pokemon game i got a female vaporeon which became my lovely companion.
in mine craft i play a single player pixelmon survival game <and put of every trainer so only pokemon remaining>
and i was lucky first time that i started with a enormous stat female eevee
but sadly i play hard core survival game with the rule if i die or my eevee faints its over and i have to delete the world
but i really loved the enormous eevee <later vaporeon> and wonder if there was a way that you automatically start with a enormous female eevee rather then recreated the world every time in the hopes you are lucky to start with 1?
i don't got hope that there is but i tought it couldn't harm asking if there was as it would really mean allot to me and saves allot of time in recreating the world

already thanks for reading and for the maby possible help :)

By Zala
Trigore wrote:use nbtedit or backup your pokemon folder in your world.
thanks very much ^^
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#73053 you could actually open up your save folder and find your files, copy that, and move it to the new world, you will have the smae pokemon in your party, its less "cheaty" then nbtedit, and you dont have to install another mod ( the program sucks, thats why i said mod)